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Are you looking for Oil Change for your vehicle?


Proper maintenance of your car requires you to change its engine oil at regular intervals. It should be a part of your vehicle’s servicing sessions, both interim and full. Besides, you might have to seek professional help if there is a sudden oil leak, as it will damage your vehicle to a great extent.

At V-Tech Auto, we provide quality services of car oil change Reading. Our facility in this historic and economically prosperous town of Reading is widely considered as one of the most complete car service stations in Berkshire County.

We have an impressive clientele who visit us from surrounding towns like Oxford, Basingstoke, Maidenhead and even London. Our technicians are also adept with all the techniques of oil leak repair Reading.

When does your automobile require an oil change?

V-Tech Auto believes a knowledgeable car owner is also a satisfied one. Therefore, we have integrated the concept of providing our clients with actionable information based on which they can determine when it is time to consult us.

The following are the commonest indicators that an engine oil change is required.

  • Oil light’ or ‘Check engine’ light comes on: Your car’s complex electronic monitoring system conducts detailed and automated real-time checks of every running system. If oil levels are low, its ‘oil change’ warning light will start blinking. In worse situations, the ‘check engine’ light will be triggered.

Should this happen, do no waste any time and visit our facility. We store car manufacturer-recommended OE-grade engine oils for almost all passenger car types; it does not take much time to replenish oil levels.

  • Increased engine noise: If you hear a lot of rumbling, screeching and knocking sounds coming from your car engine, it means that the oil levels have plunged, which is making the engine components brush against each other. Visit us as soon as you can for car oil change Reading.

Oil leak repairs

If you notice splotches or pools of brown fluid underneath your vehicle when it is parked, it possibly indicates an engine oil leak.

There are several factors that may cause engine oil leaks. Some of these are:

  • Damaged or worn-out pistons and gaskets. You can avail affordable servicing from us at reasonable rates to pre-empt such untoward incidents.
  • Improperly sealed oil drain plug gasket.
  • Corrosion or damage to the oil cooler line.
  • Finally, a poorly installed oil filter may also be responsible for leaks. At V-Tech Auto, we ensure that all elements are securely fitted when you opt for oil leak repair Reading.

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