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Are you looking for ABS Repair for your vehicle?


Our facility - V-Tech Auto - caters to several upwardly-mobile car owners, who purchase some of the latest models available in the market.

As a result, an overwhelming percentage of cars we work on at our service station come with ABS as standard fitment. Anti-Lock Braking Systems comprise a set of sensors which can determine if the car skids on emergency braking.

Based on advances made over many decades, the ABS applies ‘master cylinder hydraulic force’ on all 4 brakes while also applying ‘pulsing pressure’ to individual brakes, thereby preventing accidents. But technology is not always fool proof, and your car’s ABS may act up on occasions.

If you assume something is off with your car’s ABS, visit our facility for a professional and comprehensive inspection. We are a trusted garage for ABS repair Reading, and we will take concrete corrective measures if the system shows defects.

Understanding ABS malfunctions

Before you visit us, you must be aware of certain tell-tale signs of ABS problems.

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  • You have to push the brake pedals harder: Ordinarily, a slight tap on the brake pedal is enough to slow down the car. It is true even if you are driving on iced-out roads; a properly functioning ABS will also ensure there is no skidding. But if you notice that it takes a significant effort to decelerate or stop your car, the ABS module may have problems.

It is vital that you contact a professional service station like V-Tech Auto immediately. Driving without an optimally functioning ABS raises the chances of increased aquaplaning and loss of traction.

  • The ABS light comes on: A triggered amber ABS warning light indicates that an ABS module has malfunctioned, and the system is not fully operational. We recommend that you visit us for a meticulous ABS repair Reading without wasting any time.

Please note that ABS sensors are easily damaged by metal shavings and debris collected during drives and also due to electrical issues. False-positive readings are not uncommon either. We will inspect all possibilities.

  • Brake locking: It is the most obvious sign that your car’s ABS has developed performance issues. The reason this technology exists is to ensure that even when you ‘panic brake’, the mechanism does not lock and the vehicle holds firm. There might also be a series of irregular clicking sounds, and you will find it pretty tough to control the car.

Our technicians recommend that should this suddenly happen, you must pump the brakes and downshift gears, while gently using the handbrake. Else, there might be serious issues.

For your safety, visit V-Tech Auto for ABS repair Reading without further hesitation.

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Note that ABS components predominantly need replacements as repairs are not feasible. For more queries and quotations, and to book an appointment, call us on 0118 950 2888 or 0787 255 4295.

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