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About Air Condition Services

The air-conditioner of your vehicle is responsible for providing you with cool air in hot, and humid temperatures, and warm air when the outside temperature is cold. It also helps to remove the mist from the inside of windows, so you can drive smoothly with a clear view. But if your car’s AC is not able to perform up to the required standards, and provides you with hot air, even in summers, you should consider getting a air conditioning service Reading or full ac repair as soon as possible.

What is a car AC repair?

Car Air conditioning service reading is a precise maintenance procedure that deals with inspecting, and repairing your car’s AC compressor, condenser, and also filling it with the required refrigerant levels. In case, any discrepancies are found within the compressor, or AC condenser that is beyond repair, you should get an AC replacement by our professionals at Vtech Auto. We also deal with repairing any leakages, and electrical faults in your car’s AC, so the AC is able to maintain the right temperature in the passenger compartment.

When should you get the re-gas done?

In case, your car’s ac does not have any major faults, you should get it inspected for insufficient refrigerant levels. If found, our professionals can top it up with the required levels. Also, we take care of cleaning the whole ac system, and filling it up with the brand-new refrigerant as per the temperature reading of your ac port. The service also involves locating the ‘L’ port near your car’s engine, and carefully removing the old refrigerant to avoid leakages, and fires. Once done, an ac dispenser, and pressure meter is used to fill the ‘L’ port with the new refrigerant, and sealing it.

Experts recommend getting a Air Conditioning Gas Refill Reading for your car’s ac after every 2 years, as it is not included in a routine service.

Reasons for car ac failure

    • Electrical Failures

Your car’s AC is connected to the battery via a complex network of electrical wires and circuits. Any damages or faulty connections within the electrical system may lead to car AC failure.

    • Damaged cooling fans

The cooling fans inside your car’s AC are responsible for maintaining the temperature by providing you with cold air inside the passenger cabin. If your car’s cooling fans get damaged, you may experience hot or no air from the AC vents.

    • Refrigerant Leakages

Damaged and leaks in the AC leads to refrigerant leakages. This results in poor ac performance and frequent maintenance/repairs as well.

Dangers of driving with a poor car AC

    • Expensive replacements

An improper car ac result in hot air blown into the compartment. This may cause you to spend huge sum of money on expensive repairs, and replacements.

  • Reduced Driving comfort

Driving a vehicle with improper car ac lead you to experience increased sweating, uneasiness, and nausea, especially on hot summer days because of the warm air.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning car AC

  • If you experience an increased amount of hot air even after turning on the air conditioner for some time, it is recommended you get your car ac inspected as soon as possible.
  • In case you hear any loud noises from the ac compressor, please drive to V-Tech Auto
  • If you notice any signs of leakage near the ‘L’ port or car ac port inside the engine bay, it is suggested to get it checked for refrigerant leakages.

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