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Are you looking for Suspension Repair Reading for your vehicle?

A majority of motorists focus on buying the best quality tyres for their vehicle to enhance their driving comfort and overall safety. However, alongside tyres, you also must ensure optimally functioning suspension system for your car if you do not want to lose control over your vehicle. The suspension system absorbs road shocks and helps your car tyres to maintain proper contact with the road. However, if you notice any issues with your vehicle's suspension, you can get it repaired quickly and efficiently at V-Tech Auto.


What is suspension repair?

The process of repairing suspension components like shock absorbers Reading, springs, and linkages between wheels and steering is known as suspension repair. The service also includes replacing the suspension callipers, hub bearing, and struts. Once, the necessary repairs and replacements have been made, our experts will test your vehicle for shock absorption, lateral acceleration and steering response for their correct functioning.

Most of the industry's experts recommend getting your car's suspension inspected once a year or after 50,000 miles.

Benefits of Suspension Repair

    • Enhanced car performance

Our experts use the best tools and machines to repair your car's shock absorbers Reading, so your wheels and tyres can maintain optimum road contact. This provides your car with better power delivery and effective cornering as well.

    • Prevents additional expenses

Getting a suspension repair Reading prevents the spread of damage from suspension struts to linkages between steering and wheels. This helps to prevent additional expenses on suspension and wheel replacement.

    • Increased comfort

Experts at V-Tech Auto replace the suspension's shock absorbers when needed to ensure excellent comfort even on challenging terrain. This results in a light-weight vehicle and enhances comfort while accelerating.

Risks of driving on damaged suspension

    • Unresponsive steering wheel

Driving with damaged suspension linkages can disrupt the connection between steering and wheels of the car. This leads your vehicle to lose its stability and pull itself towards one side of the road.

    • Aquaplaning is wet weather

Faulty suspension pose a greater threat due to inefficiency of tyres in making a proper road contact during wet weather conditions. This further increases the chances of aquaplaning.

    • Misalignment of wheels

Driving a vehicle with damaged suspension springs and struts can affect the alignment angles of your wheels.

    • Reduced comfort

A damaged set of suspension arms and shock absorbers may result in excessive vibrations while driving at high speeds. This may also make it difficult to control your vehicle while cornering or making a tight turn.

Reasons for a damaged suspension system

  • Driving with underinflated and overinflated tyres
  • Hitting a kerb or driving through potholes at high speeds
  • Driving with imbalanced wheels
  • Hitting a pole or divider

Symptoms of a damaged suspension system

  • Uneven tyre wear
  • Vehicle pulling itself towards one side of the road
  • Unresponsive steering wheel and noises while cornering
  • Car leans towards one side
  • Loss of grip
  • Bouncing of the car while applying brakes
  • Aquaplaning in wet weather
  • Swaying in side winds

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