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Are you looking for the MOT Test Reading for your vehicle?


All cars in the UK, which are three years old, must undergo an annual inspection known as the MOT test in Reading. MOT is an important test which determines the roadworthiness of a vehicle. Various components of a car are checked during this test for their proper functioning on several safety parameters.

V-Tech Auto is certified by DVSA (The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) as an authorized test centre for conducting MOT tests. We offer accurate MOT testing according to standards set by the government. Therefore, if you want to get an MOT Reading done, kindly book an appointment with us.

What is checked during an MOT Reading?

Brakes: Various components of the braking system are inspected for adequate braking performance and distances.

Tyres: For proper safety on the road, tyres should have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm. Therefore, tyres are checked for their tread depth and any wear and tear. Also, your car’s tyres may be inspected for proper size, load, and speed rating.

Suspension: The shock absorbers and the suspension links are important for a safe and comfortable ride. Thus, the suspension system is checked in an MOT Reading for any potential damage.

Battery: The battery of your vehicle is inspected for any signs of electrolyte leakages or loose wires.

Electrical Wiring: Experts will inspect the electrical wiring system of your vehicle for any damages that may cause a short circuit.

Steering: The steering wheel of your car is tested for its overall strength and working conditions. Experts may push your car’s steering in different direction to identify any possible wearing and tearing.

Exhaust system: The exhaust system is monitored for the levels of carbon emissions and noise emitted from it. Also, MOT experts may use a gas analyser probe to test the legal limits of smoke emitted from your car’s exhaust.

Windscreen: The windscreen must not have any obstructions that may disrupt the driver’s view while driving. It should be free of damages as well.

Horn: The intensity and quality of sound of the car’s horn are inspected during an MOT test Reading.

Indicators: The lights and indicators are checked for their proper functionality and brightness.

Lamps and Reflectors: The lamps and reflectors of your vehicle must be in optimum working conditions and should illuminate at once by pressing the switch.

Seatbelts: The seatbelts of your vehicle will be inspected for any cuts or damages that may cause obstruction while attaching it. Also, it may tested for proper adjustment and attachment with its parts.

Mirrors: The rear view mirrors of your car should be clean and be able to provide a precise view of the cars behind your vehicle.


Additional pre-checks to pass an MOT Test

Drivers often forget to take care of some basic points which could lead their car to fail an MOT test:

  1. Never forget to top-up the screen wash. It is a small task which takes just a few minutes. Avoiding the top-up may result in a failed MOT Reading test.
  2. The registration plate of a vehicle should be made according to the instructions laid down by DVLA (Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency). It should be clean, and the spacing between the letters should be as per the guidelines.
  3. All the clutter and dirt should be removed from the car before getting an MOT test Reading. The windscreen, windows, mirrors of the car should be cleaned properly.
  4. Stickers and parking permits should not obstruct the driver's view.

In case, you desire a precise pre-MOT checklist, you may visit V-Tech Auto as our experts are trained to top up your car’s washers, fluids and ensure an MOT ready car.


What to do if my car fails an MOT Test?

If your car gets an MOT failure Reading, you must get it retested within 10 working days of the original testing date No additional fees will be charged if the car is retested within 10 days. However, make sure to carry out the required repairs for your vehicle before getting a retest.

Furthermore, you may not be allowed to drive your vehicle if you posses an invalid MOT test certificate.


Visit Our Garage

If your MOT expiration date is near, make sure to visit us as soon as possible. Our staff will assist you with the MOT test for your car at our garage. At V-Tech Auto, we provide genuine and accurate MOT Reading. Therefore, book an appointment with us today and get an MOT certificate renewed immediately. We operate 24 hours, 7 days a week. However, make sure to call us and confirm your MOT testing before driving to us.

You can also call us at 01189502888 and 07872554295 for additional queries and details.

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