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Are you looking for Breakdown Recovery for your vehicle?

Breakdown covers have become quite a trend in the modern automotive industry. It covers for your upfront repair and towing costs if your vehicle breaks down. But official breakdown covers are too expensive if you only drive locally. Therefore, we would like to inform you that, we at V-Tech Auto, provide excellent local breakdown recovery Reading at affordable prices. Our experts are equipped with the best tools to offer your car with a hassle-free service.


What is breakdown recovery?

Breakdown recovery Reading refers to repairing your vehicle, in an emergency when you are stuck on a motorway or any road. Call us at 0118-950-2888, and we will dispatch our best team of experts equipped with modern tools and adequate skills to impart a swift roadside or emergency repair. However, if your vehicle needs special attention, our experts may tow it to the garage to carry out the necessary repairs or replacements.

At V-Tech Auto, we understand that car breakdowns are often completely unprecedented. Hence, keeping your convenience in mind, we offer 24/7 roadside rescue Reading.

In case you wish to know more about the pricing of our breakdown cover, you may call our experts at 0118-950-2888. Our breakdown cover includes roadside repairs, on-call assistance, and towing costs as well. Nevertheless, you may need to pay for extra replacement costs that are carried out at the garage.

What is included in our breakdown cover?

Repairs as per your convenience

In case your car breaks down anywhere, including your home or office, in Reading, our breakdown cover is there for you. Call our experts, and we will reach your location in the minimum time possible. Our experts are trained to diagnose and repair any faults within your vehicle like a faulty battery, poor DPF, or damaged tyres that leads to a car breakdown. Also, our 24/7 breakdowns service Reading may include the towing costs to the garage if required.

On-call assistance

Our breakdown cover also includes on-call assistance for providing you with expert’s advice to repair minor faults or maintain your car efficiently.

What’s excluded from our breakdown cover?

Improperly maintained car

Our 24/7 car recovery Reading cannot cover for your vehicle’s repair costs if you have an improper service record. This is because, non-maintenance of vehicles is the primary reason for breakdowns. So an improperly maintained car is excluded from our breakdown covers.


In case your vehicle has been involved in a road accident, we cannot cover for your vehicle’s towing or repair costs.

Major causes for vehicle breakdown

  • Clogged DPF
  • Damaged tyre
  • Insufficient engine oil
  • Faulty starter motor
  • Overheating
  • Insufficient fluids
  • Faulty battery

Risks of driving a car without breakdown cover

  • Expensive repair costs
  • Expensive towing costs and on-call assistance
  • Non-availability of experts in emergencies

Why Us?

V-Tech Auto is known among the motorists of Reading to offer excellent breakdown recovery Reading at affordable prices. Also, our experts have the required skills and training to carry an emergency car repair even at a roadside.

For more information about our breakdown cover, call us or visit us directly at our garage. You can also write to us, at .

Our recovery service is available 24x7. Thus, end your search for “cheap car recovery Berkshire” with us!

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