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Are you looking for the Car Body Repair Reading services for your vehicle?

The body of a vehicle provides the necessary safety and comfort and also enhances its look to a great extent. It also protects your car from atmospheric conditions like heavy rain, hailstorm, dust and debris. However, it may get damaged because of collisions and certain other conditions that must be repaired to enjoy the mentioned benefits. If you desire seamless Car Body Repair Reading, V-Tech Auto is here to help you.


What is a car body repair?

The process of repairing any significant dents, scratches, or paint chips present on the exterior of your vehicle is known as car body repair Reading. The services involve repairing holes or damages with the help of an epoxy filler or putty to retain the structural integrity of your vehicle. Our experts are also trained to car body repair Reading and any mechanical damages like dents or bends caused due to accidents.

Once the surface damages have been treated and sanded, you can choose from a variety of colours and finishes to give your vehicle an astounding look while getting it repainted. Moreover, you may also choose your car’s original colour code as V- Tech Auto stocks an extensive variety of colours to choose from.

Benefits of car body repair

Prevents additional expenses

Our experts are equipped with modern tools to remove any signs of paint chipping and rust from the exterior of your car. This helps to prevent the spread of damage to other parts of the vehicle and avoid expensive replacements.

Enhanced looks

V-Tech Auto makes sure that the partial damages are removed by painting the damaged patch with the exact same colour of the vehicle, so nobody can tell there was something wrong.

Expert Assistance

Our garage employs some of the best experts in the industry to provide you with an excellent car finish. Also, we utilise advanced tools and machines to provide your vehicle with excellent dent and scratch removal and Car Body Repair Reading.

Reasons for a damaged car exterior

Accidents and collisions

Accidents and collisions are a significant reason for denting and paint chippings or even more extensive damage on the exterior of your vehicle. This happens because of the friction and sudden impact caused by colliding with kerbs, dividers, poles and other vehicles, etc.

Improper car wash

Washing your car with improper detergents and liquids can damage the paintwork because of its acidic nature. This may also lead the sponge to trap dust and dirt that may cause paint chipping and abrasive marks as well.

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V-Tech Auto employs the best team of experts and use modern equipment to carry out a hassle-free Car Body Repair Reading at the best prices. Also, feel free to book your car body repair through our website or give us a call.

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