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Wheel Balancing

Is your car pulling itself towards one side of the road? This may be due to unbalanced wheels. Perfectly balanced wheels provide a comfortable driving experience. But most people ignore to check the wheels for any imbalances. Imbalance in the wheels can result in premature tyre wearing, loss of control, stability issues etc. To avoid such problems, you must get your car' wheels inspected for proper balance. Also, it is recommended to get the wheels balanced after every tyre change.

V-Tech Auto utilises the best machines and equipment to offer your vehicle with top-grade wheel balancing Reading.

What is Wheel Balancing?

For better momentum and stable vehicle at high speeds, wheels and tyres of a vehicle are checked for equal distribution of weight throughout their circumference. The wheel is placed on a tyre balancer and is then rotated. Doing this helps the expert locate light spots and add weight accordingly to the wheel. Further, to maintain the stability of a vehicle, the wheels are balanced with each other as well.

Important things about Wheel Balancing

    • Wheel balancing doesn't fix structural issues of the wheels. It only balances the weight of the wheels. If there is any crack or dent in the wheel which is causing vibrations while driving, it can only be corrected with the help of a wheel refurbishment service.
    • The balancing of a wheel can shift slowly over time. If you drive regularly on uneven roads, your tyres are likely to wear out and face alteration in their weight distribution. Hence it is recommended to get the balancing of wheels checked in case of uneven tyre wearing.

Advantages of Balanced Wheels

    • Enhanced Safety

Driving with unbalanced wheels is risky as a driver may experience loss of control over the steering wheel. Hence, a perfectly balanced set of wheels enhances safety while driving.

    • Longer Life of Tyres

Unbalanced wheels may lead to premature and uneven wearing of your car's tyres. Therefore, you must get a wheel balancing for your vehicle done to enhance the overall tyre life.

    • Minimises Vibrations

Wheel balancing ensures a comfortable driving experience by minimising the vibrations caused by unbalanced wheels.

    • Maximises Fuel efficiency

Unbalanced wheels impose great stress on the engine which, in turn, lead it to burn more fuel to provide the necessary power. Hence, getting the wheels balanced makes a vehicle more fuel-efficient.

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