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To maintain efficient performance and long life of your vehicle, it is important to get it serviced on a timely basis. Also, a properly serviced car provides a safer, more comfortable ride and reduces the risk of accidents.

All car manufacturers provide a servicing schedule for different cars. To assist a motorist with the servicing of his/her car, a servicing book is being provided by the manufacturers. If you do not own such a service book for your vehicle, please call us or visit us to know more about your Car Servicing Reading options.

Different Types of Servicing Interim Service

Interim car servicing is done after every 6 months or when the car covers 6000 miles. In interim service, the engine oil is changed and several additional checks are performed as well. The vehicle is checked for fluid leakages, worn-out brake pads, etc. The coolant and brake fluid are also topped-up if required. Further, the lights are checked for their intensity and proper functioning.

Full Servicing

Full car servicing is done once in a year or when the car travels for 12,000 miles or more. The service includes all the checks done in interim service along with the examination of fuel filters, spark plug, and several other components. All these parts are checked for repairs or replacement in the full car servicing Reading. The replacement of the car parts is called as major service and are charged separately.


Benefits of getting a car serviced regularly

  • Saves Money: Regular changing of oil filters and servicingof the engine makes the vehicle more fuel-efficient. Timely maintenance of the car will also save a lot of money spent on the repair and replacement of various components of the car.
  • Safety: Several car parts like brakes, tyres, suspension etc. are responsible to maintain safety on the road while driving. These parts are checked during servicing to make sure whether they are working correctly or not.
  • Better Resale Value: Selling your used car and getting appropriate money can be a challenging task. Buyers prefer to buy cars in a healthy condition having a regularly stamped service book. Therefore, a properly maintained and serviced car has high resale value.

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