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Tyres Reading perform various functions for a car like absorbing shocks, ensuring adequate traction and providing steering and handling capabilities, etc. But just like other vehicle’s components, they get damaged with regular usage and driving on uneven road surfaces.

The experts at V-Tech Auto know the importance of your car tyres Reading. Therefore, we provide you with the opportunity of selecting tyres from premium brands, mid-range, as well as budget tyre brands. Visit our experts, and they will assist you in choosing the right set of tyres for your vehicle and purpose.

Different Types of Tyres Reading

Seasonal Tyre Types

    • Winter tyres: Winter tyres are most suitable for regions experiencing cold climates. The tread pattern of winter tyres provides great traction on snow-covered roads. The soft rubber compound used to manufacture winter tyres ensures efficient handling and grip on wet or icy roads.
    • Summer tyres: As the name suggests, summer tyres are manufactured to be used in regions with hot and dry climatic conditions. Summer tyres are manufactured using hard rubber compounds which offer excellent cornering and steering capabilities at higher speeds.
    • All-season tyres: All-season tyres are manufactured to be used all-year-round. They are best suited for moderate climates, plus these tyres do not lose their performance in extremer temperatures. All-season tyres are exceptionally good and offer stability in all-seasons. Moreover, these tyres are cost-effective as they save the cost of changing the tyres with every season change. All-season tyres are good for people who mostly drive lesser miles. Otherwise one should opt for summer and winter tyres for optimal grip and better fuel efficiency.

Terrain Tyre Types

    • All-Terrain Tyres: All-terrain tyres are made using advanced technologies. They can be driven efficiently on rocky terrains as well as are self-sufficient to be driven on normal roads.
    • Off-Road Tyres: If you use your 4x4 vehicle in difficult terrains which includes muddy or rocky surfaces, you should use off-road tyres for better safety, grip and performance. These tyres have capabilities to perform efficiently in harsh conditions.

Price Range

    • Premium Tyres: Premium tyres cost a bit more than mid-range tyres as they are exceptional when it comes to performance. These tyres are durable and provide better grip and control on the road.
    • Mid-Range Tyres: As the name suggests, mid-range tyres fall under the category of medium price ranges. They offer effective performance and help to maintain adequate safety and control.
    • Budget Tyres: Budget tyres are affordable and do not compromise on performance and safety. These tyres can be bought in case you are tight on budget, but please keep in mind that these tyres (unless you drive mainly locally and low mileage) may not last as long as tyres of the premium- or mid-range category.

Other Important Tyre Types

    • Run-flat tyres: These tyres Reading perform efficiently in case of a puncture and help you drive safely for 50 miles after a puncture has occurred. But, run-flat tyres can’t be used in every vehicle as they require special sensors to recognise a puncture.
    • Performance tyres: They are a perfect fit for a sports car and offer great traction and handling response.

If you are looking to purchase new car tyres Reading for your vehicle, drive to V-Tech Auto today. We stock tyres from most of the renowned brands in the tyre manufacturing industry. Further, we also provide professional tyre fitting and wheel balancing services for unmatched safety and comfort. We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can drive in at any time as per your convenience. You can also book your tyres online and get them fitted at V-Tech Auto. Our contact numbers are 0118-950-2888 and 0787-255-4295. You can also write to us at for more information and queries.

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