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Continental Tyres

Continental Tyres is among the most renowned names in the tyre manufacturing industry. They are known to manufacture premium quality tyre around the world. Reputed car manufacturers like BMW, Ford, Porsche, Renault, and Toyota, etc. trust this brand and uses Continental’s tyres as their original equipment. Be it an SUV or a racing car, Continental Tyres Reading are the choice of many.

Continental Tyres is a German multinational company, founded in 1871 with its headquarters situated in Hanover, Germany. Continental Tyres has an experience of about 148 years and have been manufacturing quality products since then. It started out as a rubber company and has eventually grown into a world-renowned tyre manufacturing giant. Apart from tyres, the company manufactures Powertrains, chassis components, brake systems, vehicle electronics and other automotive safety products as well.

The company has its offices spread over 53 countries. About 200,000+ employees are constantly working to help Continental Tyres stay among the top tyre manufacturers. The innovations and technologies used by Continental Tyres assist the brand in providing safe driving conditions without compromising on comfort and performance. Hence, it is undoubtedly the most popular tyre brand among motorists around the world.

V-Tech Auto is a one-stop destination to buy Continental Tyres Reading. We also have a wide variety from all other major tyre brands to choose from. Visit us, and our professionals will recommend the best tyres for your car today.

Here are some of the most popular models from Continental Tyres:

PremiumContact 6

PremiumContact 6 by Continental is designed using German technology for achieving optimum road contact and comfort while driving.

  • High-Silica Compound used enhances the overall traction
  • Optimised handling experience because of the unique groove pattern
  • Advanced tread technology to improve cornering capabilities

EcoContact 6

EcoContact 6 by Continental Tyres brings advanced features like enhanced road contact, fuel-savings, and straight-line stability.

  • The geometrical design and silica compound distribution helps to grip efficiently on wet road surfaces
  • Green Chili 2.0 compound provides increased mileage because of less weight
  • Optimum handling and agility while driving at high speeds

SportContact 6

SportContact 6 by Continental Tyres is focused on providing safety to all the driver as well as passengers in the car.

  • Unique tread pattern provides efficient control over the steering wheel
  • Black Chili compound improves the driving experience by providing effective grip and performance
  • The Aralon350 hybrid cap adaptive technology provides great stability even at the speed as fast as 300 miles/hr

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V-Tech Autois the place to visit if you are looking to buy the best quality Continental Tyres Reading. We also recommend to give us a chance to provide professional fitting and balancing of your newly purchased tyres. To buy your tyres today purchase them online using our tyre finder tool present at the top of the page or visit us now.

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