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The battery of a vehicle plays a significant role in igniting the engine’s spark plugs and providing sufficient current to headlights, taillights and some other electrical components in an emergency as well. Under normal conditions, the battery is recharged by an alternator using the engine’s power. However, over time, the battery gets degraded due to the ageing of its components. The components of a battery should be maintained to ensure its longer life. V-Tech Auto employs the best experts in Reading to provide your vehicle with the excellent battery repair/replacement at best prices.


How a battery is maintained?

When you come to us for battery repair Reading, our experts will scrutinise the battery for any corrosion. Generally, the connecting terminals of the battery get corroded due to the formation of an acid layer. Our experts carefully scrape-off this layer of acid formation. Further, the current produced by the battery is checked for standard readings. If the reading is lower than expected, the connections are checked for any faults and the electrolyte is toped-up. In case, the reading does not meet the standards again, we recommend you to get your battery replaced with a new one.


Why does a car battery fail?


The formation of a layer of green, blue, or white colour on the terminals of a battery, lead to a failing battery because they block the connection between the battery and alternator.

Electrical Malfunctions

A broken fuse or blocked electrical connections may lead your car’s alternator to function improperly. This may lead to further drainage of battery and delay in the recharging process of the battery, ultimately a dead battery.

Natural Malfunction

According to experts, your car’s battery starts to lose its abilities after 4-6 years of usage if maintained properly. Also, if you live in cold atmospheric regions, your battery may have a shorter lifespan than mentioned.

Symptoms of a drained car battery

  • Check engine light turns on
  • Dim headlights
  • Increased time to start the car
  • Cranking sounds from the engine bay
  • Signs of leakage from the battery
  • Corrosive layer present near the connecting terminals

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V-Tech Auto is well-known among the people of Reading for providing quality battery repair and replacement services. You can even book your car’s battery replacement Reading through our website. Also, you can drive to us at any time in a week as we work 24x7 to impart excellent services in emergency as well.

For more information, call us on 0118-950-2888 or email us at info@vtechauto.co.uk

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