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Are you looking for Alloy Wheel Repair for your vehicle?

Wheels of a car are responsible for helping tyres make optimum contact with the road. However, they can get damaged by driving through potholes and hitting a kerb. Therefore, you must get them repaired to remove significant cracks, holes, and damages. V-Tech Auto is your one-stop solution to get best wheel repair Reading and painting at the most affordable prices.


What is a Wheel repair?

Wheel repair refers to inspecting and repairing the dents and scratches present on your car’s wheels that may be damaging its structural integrity. The service involves covering the holes and damages with the help of an epoxy filler or putty. Once done, the area is sanded to smoothen the wheel surface and ensure even paint adhesion.

Experts at V-Tech Auto use modern tools and equipment to repair the dents on your car’s wheels, so they do not spoil the wheels’ overall looks. Finally, once the mechanical repairs have been done, you may choose from a variety of colours and finishes to get your wheels painted

Signs of Damaged Wheels

    • Visible damage

It is easy to spot cracks and dents on the wheels by inspecting them visually. These damages should be repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damages and high replacement costs.

    • Noises

Damaged wheels produce unusual noises while driving because of the cranking of metal.

    • Vibrations

If you feel sudden vibrations in the steering wheel or passenger compartment while driving, it may be because of the broken wheel rims. Visit our garage and our experts will inspect your car’s wheels for broken rims and repair them in the minimum time possible.

    • Loss of Air pressure

If the tyres are frequently losing their air pressure, it may be because of damaged wheel rims. The bent rim may have damaged the walls of the tyre, causing the loss of air pressure.

    • Fuel-inefficiency

Damaged wheels result in increased rolling resistance. Therefore, the engine consumes more fuel to overcome this increased resistance.

    • Reduced Braking performance

Damaged wheels result in an improper braking performance which could result in severe accidents.

Advantages of Wheel Repair

    • Cost-Effective

Buying new wheels can be very expensive. It is considered a good choice to get the wheels repaired as soon as you find some damage in them. Therefore, you must get them repaired from experts to prevent high replacement costs.

    • Appearance

Wheel repair removes all the dents and cracks present in a wheel. Moreover, our experts take care of painting your car’s wheels to give them an astounding look.

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Our skilled experts have years of knowledge in imparting efficient wheel repair services. Therefore, visit V-Tech Auto to avail effective wheel repair Reading at the best prices. You can also call us at 01189502888 and 07872554295 to book your appointment today. We operate 24 hours from Monday to Sunday. For feedback and queries, email us at

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