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Modern alternators, as we know them, were first introduced in passenger cars by the Chrysler Corporation. Till the late 1960s, most vehicles used DC dynamos and commutators. By the early ‘70s, alternators became the norm as silicon rectifier diodes became affordable.

If you notice flickering headlights, sudden engine stalling, faulty power steering or a range of warning lights blinking repeatedly, you might need alternators repair Reading.

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Signs of a failing alternator

An alternator is a fairly simple part of your car that plays a major role in its operation. At its heart, it is an electric generator which charges the vehicle’s battery while also powering the numerous electrical components when the engine is running.

Several of our patrons have agreed that they find it difficult to differentiate between battery and alternator problems, since the indicators are very similar.

Our technicians, who possess several years of service experience, therefore ask that you keep in mind the following points. If you notice any of the problems mentioned below, you must avail alternators repair Reading immediately.

      • Dim or flickering headlights: When you are driving, your car’s alternator powers the headlights and most other components. If you see that the lights are dimmer than usual at times, or flickering often, it indicates a faulty alternator.
      • Battery light coming on: If this warning light turns on, it is a clear sign that the alternator might be at fault. Although many customers may think that it is an issue with the battery, an alternator problem cannot be ruled out either.

For a more detailed analysis, visit our service station as early as possible.

      • Your car takes a long time to start: You will find it increasingly difficult to start your vehicle. That is because the spark plugs, which depend on the alternator, may not be functional, and the engine will not start. Also, the engine might stall more frequently than before.

All these symptoms indicate that your car’s alternator may have reached the end of its service life and must be replaced at a professional garage. Contact V-Tech Auto – your one stop-solution in Reading.

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