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Are you looking for Cambelt Services for your vehicle?

The cambelt is essential for a car’s torque and overall acceleration. However, the cambelt or timing belt of your vehicle may get worn-out or damaged because of age, worn-out pulleys and several other reasons. V-Tech Auto is known among its customers for providing top-grade cambelt replacement at the best prices. Therefore, we recommend you to drive to us today if you experience any issue with its engine or acceleration.


What is a cambelt replacement?

Cambelt Replacement refers to replacing the mechanical belt present near your car’s engine that coordinates the functions of crankshaft and camshaft. The service involves removing the negative battery cable to locate the cambelt so that it can be removed easily. Once the required mechanical procedures like removing the bolts and distributor cap have been completed, our experts will replace your car’s damaged or old timing belt (cambelt) with a new one.

Finally, your vehicle will be tested for hydraulic belt tension, optimum torque, and coordination of the engine’s shafts. Our experts recommend getting a car cam belt replacement Reading done after every 100,000 miles or following the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation mentioned in the vehicle handbook.

Risks of not replacing your Cambelt

    • Safety Threat

Driving a vehicle with damaged cambelt can disrupt the coordination between the engine’s crankshaft and camshaft. This may result in a loss of control over the vehicle.

    • Reduced Performance

A failing cambelt may lead your car’s engine to function improperly and disrupt the connection between camshaft and crankshaft of the vehicle.

    • Engine Failure and blowout

A worn-out cam belt cannot support the coordination between crankshaft and camshaft that result in damaging the other parts of the engine. As a consequence, the engine can also get blown out in the middle of driving.

Benefits of Cambelt Replacement

    • Prevents Additional Costs

Experts at V-Tech Auto are trained to replace your vehicle’s cambelt, so the hydraulic tension and damage do not spread to other parts of the engine and valves. This can help you save a huge sum of money on engine replacement.

    • Enhanced acceleration

Replacing your old or damaged cambelt improves the coordination between the engine and wheel’s rotary motor. This helps to enhance your vehicle’s overall acceleration and accelerator pedal response.

  • Environment Friendly

A newly replaced cambelt puts lesser stress on the engine. This leads to a reduction in fuel combustion and limited carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Reasons for Cambelt failure

  • Driving a vehicle with misaligned engine shafts
  • Driving a car with excessive loads
  • Damaged teeth of the cambelt

Symptoms of Cambelt Failure

  • Unusual sounds from the engine bay
  • Engine’s starting issues
  • Oil leakage from cambelt cover
  • Strange smell from the engine compartment

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V-Tech Auto is equipped with the latest machines and equipment to provide your vehicle with a swift cambelt replacement in the minimum time possible. Also, you can book your Car timing belt repair reading from our website at the convenience of your home.

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