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Are you looking for the best Car Repair for your vehicle?

A car consists of multiple components which help to provide you with the required safety and excellent performance. Therefore, all these components must be in optimal working condition. V-Tech Auto utilises modern tools and equipment that assist our experts to impart a swift and efficient car repair service. With our dedication and professionalism, we provide the best car repair Reading at reasonable rates.

Given below are some of the major components that are considered in a car repair:



The components of a clutch system like pressure plate, bearings, and flywheel work in coordination with each other to provide you with smooth acceleration and gearshift. However, it may get damaged because of clogged filters, excessive use or accidents. Therefore, our car mechanic Reading make use of modern machines and techniques to repair/replace your car’s clutch system.


The engine is an essential component of a vehicle that delivers power, for proper functioning, to different parts of a car. If it gets heated or damaged, you may incur several problems like poor acceleration, frequent stoppages, etc. Thus, our technicians provide the best engine repair and overhaul services to maintain it in good condition.


In order to start a vehicle, the battery provides electric power to the spark plug. A problem may arise when the battery does not get sufficiently charged. In such cases, you may need get your vehicle jump-started. Therefore, we utilise modern DC chargers to charge your car’s battery. Next time you come to us for your car servicing, ensure to get the battery checked and changed if necessary so you will not encounter any issues.


For your safety, brakes should always be in their proper working condition. It helps in achieving short braking distances and straight-line stability. Therefore, our experts inspect your car’s brake pads, discs, callipers, and rotors and repair/replace the failing components.


The suspension system of your vehicle is a complex network of shock absorbers, struts, and bearing to facilitate a hassle-free and comfortable driving experience. However, if you experience sudden vibrations and shocks while driving on uneven surfaces, you must get your suspension system checked from our experts. Our experts will perform the required repairs on your car’s suspension system, if required, so you do not incur heavy replacement costs.

You can, in fact, come to our facility for a thorough vehicle diagnostics. We can detect the faults and also provide same day car repair Reading.

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V-Tech Auto offers all kinds of car repair Reading . We are trusted among the motorists of Reading for our fast and cheap car repair Reading. If you experience any issues with your vehicle, feel free to drive it to our garage, and we will repair it for you.

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