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Are you looking for the Coil Spring Repair services for your vehicle?

Along with struts and shock absorbers, your car’s suspension system also depends on the proper maintenance of its coil springs.

If you live in or around Berkshire County, visit V-Tech Auto for professional coil spring repair Reading.

What are coil springs?

Most passenger cars come fitted with 4 coil springs; these are heavy-duty helix-shaped springs, usually made up of stainless steel.

However, some coil springs are also fashioned out of high-tensile and high-density plastic.

Poor driving behaviour, lack of maintenance of the suspension system and irregular or unprofessional car servicing sessions may cause coil spring damage. If this happens, it will result in significant discomfort while driving.

Besides, since they are mostly made of steel, a loose or fractured spring can also damage your car’s tyres and the undersides, besides the suspension system overall. Plus, too much damage may cause it to snap and fall on the road, making it hazardous for other cars and pedestrians.

When should you opt for a coil spring replacement?

There are several indications of a malfunctioning coil spring. If you keep a tab on every aspect of your car, these symptoms will be rather obvious.

If you notice that your car leans to a side, it is essential that you visit V-Tech Auto without wasting any time. This is a safety hazard and may cause accidents.

With the springs losing their resistance, they will become more vulnerable to loss of compression that is a spring’s foremost function. In turn, the suspension system will also lose the much-needed ‘dampening effect’ which makes your driving experience comfortable.

This domino effect will continue till you go for a coil spring repair Reading.

Also, your car’s underside will suffer extensive damage whenever it hits a pothole or a speed-breaker. You might end up with an expensive repair bill, which is not at all desirable.

To avoid such issues, visit our facility for a coil spring repair Reading on any working day.

Note that your vehicle will fail its annual MOT test if these springs are in poor shape.

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We store OE-grade coil springs if your car needs replacements.

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