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Unlike petrol engines, diesel engines are much more fuel-efficient, but produce a lot of particulate matter as by-products. Hence, all diesel engine cars and commercial vehicles manufactured post-2009 come installed with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF).

However, a DPF is also prone to damages like any other car component. If you are looking for DPF regeneration Reading, look no further than V-Tech Auto.

We are one of the trusted garages in Berkshire County, offering an exhaustive range of services. We also maintain a comprehensive collection of OE-grade parts for aftermarket replacement.

Why should you opt for DPF regeneration Reading at the earliest?

It is a well-known fact that diesel engines tend to contribute more to environmental pollution than petrol engines. Thus, the latest EU and BS emission norms were targeted towards these diesel engine cars, to make emissions cleaner by almost 80%.

DPFs are a crucial component in this crusade, as these filters can remove up to 95% particulate matter from tailpipe emissions. Additionally, removing unburnt hydrocarbons away from the car cabin also prevents chances of developing respiratory problems and cardiovascular diseases.

Since February 2014, DPF checks have been an essential part of annual MOT tests. Thus, if you drive your vehicle with a blocked DPF or do not have a DPF filter in your vehicle, it will fail the MOT test.

What is DPF regeneration? Why is it important?

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) regeneration refers to a process of cleaning the filter by burning off (oxidising) accumulated soot (unburnt hydrocarbons).

Similar to any other filter, DPFs also have a maximum carrying capacity beyond which, it cannot hold particulate matter. This leads to the filter getting blocked, which primarily manifests as the characteristic black smoke from tailpipe emissions.

To combat this, modern-day car manufacturers program the on-board ECU to push some reserve fuel into the filter. This removes any unburnt soot by increasing the filter’s internal temperature. Or else, exhaust temperatures can be redirected to achieve the same. This process is called Active DPF regeneration Reading.

Additionally, you can try cleaning the exhaust chamber by running the engine at around 40 MPH for over 20 minutes. This will heat the filter to about 600 °C and subsequently clean the same.

However, manually regenerating the filter on urban roads can be inconvenient and quite risky. Moreover, even ECU cleaning may not be enough the clean a DPF at times, especially if the exhaust temperatures do not reach high values.

Such situations demand that you visit a professional service centre like V-Tech Auto. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect the filter for any fault. If the particulate matter accumulation has reached 90%, we can offer OE-grade replacements at extremely competitive prices.

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