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Are you looking for DPF Repair for your vehicle?

All modern cars that run on diesel in the United Kingdom and across Europe share a component that filters their emissions - the Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF. It collects the soot and grime particles that the engine releases whenever you drive. Over time, this soot can build up significantly, and you will have to clean the DPF routinely.

For the most professional and effective DPF repair Reading, please visit our facility- V-Tech Auto.

Why do DPF units fail?

The ‘Euro 6’ emission norms came into being in September 2015. Since vehicular emission is a major contributor to air pollution, these norms were enforced to ensure that most noxious gases- including Oxides of Nitrogen & Sulphur, besides CO- are filtered properly.

Thus, the DPF’s importance cannot be stressed enough.

Before our technicians initiate DPF block repair Reading, they detect the root cause of the failure. The primary reasons are:

Combustion and compression issues: Your car’s internal combustion engine may develop problems like slower acceleration, engine misfires, stalling and difficulty in starting if there is a low compression problem. These are caused by blown head gaskets, faulty valves, and damaged pistons.

Air intake issues: This is one of the prime reasons why DPF blocks usually happen. If the engine cannot ‘breathe’, it will consume more fuel, and a lot more soot will thus be released.

Faulty thermostat: A broken or faulty thermostat may cause rapid engine overheating. It will also behave erratically, forcing you to step on and off the gas frequently. In turn, your car’s DPF will have to overwork.

Repair process

Our repairing philosophy is simple: we eliminate the root cause of the problem.

We use modern diagnostic tools to locate the fault. Once diagnosis is complete, we use proprietary technologies to wash out all soot, PM10 residues, unwanted oil and cerium.

Our diagnostics includes:

Checking ECUs for fault codes. DPF block repair Reading is necessary when codes like P224B, P2454 or P2455 and P2459 are generated.

Running exhaust and emissions tests and comparing them against ideal values.

Our experts suggest that ‘Flash Cleaning’ increases the service life of your vehicle’s DPF, assures greater mileage and also provides better results than cleaning using ultrasonic techniques and chemical additives.

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