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Are you looking for Engine Diagnostics for your vehicle?

Diagnosing the faults within your car is an excellent way to prevent any potential issues leading to future damages. Any problems like improper engine condition can pose a severe threat to your car and cause costly repairs as well. V-Tech Auto employs the best experts in the industry that can provide your vehicle with a swift Engine diagnostics Reading.


What are car diagnostics?

The process of inspecting any potential issues inside your vehicle with the help of sensors and your car’s on-board computer is known as car diagnostics. Our experts are trained to read the error codes sent by your vehicle’s sensors to the computer, so they can point-out precisely whether any components need to be repaired inside your vehicle.

The diagnostic procedure helps in determining any issues within your car’s brakes, transmission, engine, etc. This may also help you to get your car ready for its MOT test beforehand.


Benefits of car diagnostics

    • Precise results

Our experts have an excellent knowledge of reading the error codes provided by a vehicle’s sensors. This helps to carry out precise repairs, so your car does not incur any major damages or problems while driving.

  • Prevents costly repairs

Experts at our garage can carry out swift repairs as pointed out by the diagnostic system. This helps to repair them before they spread the damage to other parts of the vehicle and cause costly replacement expenses.

Increased car life

Engine diagnostics Reading can help you to identify the problems within your vehicle’s transmission, suspension, gearbox, brakes, etc. This helps you to get them repaired or replaced on time which enhances the overall life of your car.

Dangers of driving an undiagnosed vehicle

    • Reduced safety and comfort

An undiagnosed vehicle can reduce your driving safety and comfort as it may lead to several issues like improper steering and control, starting issues, and improper functioning of the AC, etc.

    • Degrades the environment

Any undiagnosed faults inside the exhaust’s oxygen sensor may put increased stress on the engine. This may lead it to burn more fuel and result in increased carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere via the exhaust pipe.

  • Risk of MOT failure

Driving into an MOT test centre with undiagnosed faults can increase the chances of MOT failure for your vehicle.

Symptoms of a malfunctioning vehicle

  • Check engine light turns on
  • Unusual vibrations inside the passenger compartment
  • Strange smells from the engine bay
  • Increased black smoke from the exhaust system
  • Loss of vehicle control and reduced mileage

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V-Tech Auto utilises the best engine diagnostic equipment and tools to provide your vehicle with a qualitative diagnostic that you can count on. Other than diagnostics, our garage also specialises in brake repair, battery repair, gearbox replacement, clutch repair, and much more. Book your Engine Diagnostics Reading service through our website or give us a call today.

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