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Are you looking for Gearbox Replacement for your vehicle?

The gearbox of your vehicle is a complex network of different gears and shafts that work with the crankshaft and camshaft to ensure a desired acceleration or torque. However, the gearbox needs to be replaced if you experience difficulty in shifting gears due to damaged gears. V-Tech Auto provides quick and efficient gearbox Repair Reading at affordable prices.


What is a gearbox replacement?

Gearbox replacement refers to replacing the crucial components and parts inside your car’s gearbox like bearings, shims, gears, and seals. The service involves a complete inspection of your car’s gearstick and its flexibility while changing gears, checking of gearbox and transmission system as well. If any problem is found during the inspection, our skilled experts will remove the issue in the minimum time possible.

Benefits of replacing your car’s gearbox

    • Increased safety

Experts at V-Tech Auto are skilled to replace your car’s gear shafts and bearings. This helps to maintain a functional transmission system, so you do not lose control of the vehicle and be involved in accidents.

    • Prevents costly repairs

Replacing your car’s gearbox helps to prevent the spread of damage from shafts to other parts of the transmission. This helps you to prevent additional expenses on transmission replacements.

  • Increased performance

Gearbox replacement Reading also involves changing your car’s gear shims and bearings. This assists your car to maintain adequate torque and smooth acceleration.

Dangers of driving with poor gearbox

    • Poor Performance

A worn-out gearbox or damaged gear teeth cannot maintain proper coordination between the transmission system and the engine’s crankshaft. This may lead you to experience uneven acceleration and reduced torque as well.

  • Additional Expenses

Worn-out gears cannot cope up with the torque requirement and lead to additional damage repair costs.

Significant reasons for damaged gearbox

  • Overloading a vehicle
  • Irregular maintenance and inspection
  • Insufficient lubrication inside transmission and gears
  • Improper gearbox installation while servicing

Symptoms of a damaged gearbox

  • Unresponsive steering wheel
  • Difficulty in shifting between gears
  • Check engine light turns on
  • Inability to reverse the car
  • Uneven acceleration

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