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To avoid untoward on-road incidents and for your vehicle to pass annual MOT tests with ease, it needs regular professional maintenance. If you do not take care of the critical parts of your automobile, they will ultimately develop faults.

One such part is the radiator. It keeps your car engine from overheating. After the coolant circulates through the engine, the radiator removes the excess heat.

It also means that high-temperature coolants run through radiators for some time before the temperature exchange, following which the coolants start recirculating.

If you live in or around Berkshire County or the nearby cities of Bristol or Oxford, visit us - V-Tech Auto - for the most comprehensive and thorough radiator repair Reading.

Identifying radiator problems

Before your car’s radiator loses steam, there will be a series of warning signs. Some of the most typical ones to look out for are mentioned below. You must keep them in mind; it will help you detect any trouble and visit us immediately for radiator repair Reading before other parts are affected.

  • Overheating: It is one of the most obvious signs that your car’s radiator is malfunctioning. It may not have completely broken down; however, it is unable to extract heat from the coolant. While it is true that engine overheating has several causes, radiator trouble is the commonest one.
  • Coolant leak: Another usual giveaway, coolant leaks can be identified by a layer of viscous fluid pooled under the engine when your car is parked. Leaks can also occur when you are driving. Since there are several other avenues from which this leak might occur, including a drain cock or a leaky hose, we recommend you bring your car to our facility for an inspection.

If you see rust or sludge in the accumulated coolant fluid beneath the car, it may signal an alarming abnormality with the radiator.

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  • Low coolant light’ comes on: If this light starts blinking, it is time for a professional radiator repair Reading. In certain VW and Audi cars, a ‘coolant level’ warning light can also get triggered due to radiator malfunctions.

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