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Are you looking for Starter Motor Repair for your vehicle?


Starter motors are crucial car components that provide torque to the crankshaft in an internal combustion engine. A malfunction in this part can lead to the car engine not starting at all. You will have to twist the ignition key several times before the engine engages.

If you detect a slow engine crank, our experts at V-Tech Auto recommend you opt for starter motor repair Reading. Backed by years of experience, we are your one-stop solution for all car services in Reading. Place a call on 0118 950 2888 for more information.

How long does a starter motor last?

Ideally, starters can last from 100,000 to 150,000 miles depending on the car make and model.

However, since these motors contain many moving parts like pinion drive and bearings, you may have to opt for starter motor repair Reading much earlier than anticipated.

When do you need starter motor replacement Reading?

  • Stuck ignition key

A worn-out ignition key cylinder or broken springs can lead to the key getting stuck, which keeps the starter motor engaged longer than required.

  • Damaged wiring

Sometimes, a short circuit in battery loops can cause the starter to receive electricity despite the ignition being turned off. This can eventually burn out the starter motor.

  • Solenoid not disengaging

Many modern-day cars come with a lever connecting the solenoid and starter motor using helical gears. If the solenoid does not disengage in time, it will continue to put stress on clutch assembly and pinion drive.

At V-Tech Auto, our technicians can detect the exact issue and take the best course of action.

  • Manufacturing defects

Rarely, some starter motors come with manufacturing defects that can lead to a malfunction. One common scenario is that a recently replaced starter motor burns out after a few days.

Also, if you leave the ignition key engaged even after the engine starts, it is likely to burn out the motor faster. Apart from that, dirt and grime can increase friction between moving parts, which leads to components wearing out quickly.

How does V-Tech Auto approach starter motor repair?

With years of experience, our professionals can efficiently service all car makes and models in the UK, and even handle larger vehicles like BMW and Cadillac with V8 Turbo engines that have complex starter motors.

At our facility, experts use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to measure the battery voltage at starter terminals and control circuit. Any inconsistency in input and output voltages signifies a broken starter.

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