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Are you looking for the Vehicle Inspection services for your vehicle?

Being a motorist, you must get your car inspected, on a routine basis, to avoid issues like premature tyre wearing, increased exhaust emissions, vehicle breakdown, brake failure, or engine blowout, etc. V-Tech Auto is a renowned garage among the people of Reading for providing top-notch vehicle inspection at affordable prices.


What is vehicle inspection?

The process of inspecting and testing some crucial components of a car is known as vehicle inspection. The service involves scrutinising the car’s battery, brakes, gearbox, clutch, steering, transmission, suspension, etc. Our experts also diagnose your vehicle with the help of your car’s on-board computer system to read the error codes sent by the sensors.


Benefits of vehicle inspection

Increased car life

Experts at V-Tech Auto inspect the components of your vehicle to provide precise results, so you can get your car repaired beforehand.

Prevents Additional Repairs

Vehicle inspection helps our experts to diagnose issues in your car’s components in advance, so the damage does not spread to the other components of a car.

Components checked in vehicle inspection


The horn is checked for its uniform sound and intensity, so it can be properly heard by other motorists on the road.


The battery is checked for any leakages or insufficient current.


The brake pads, pedals, levers, and callipers are inspected for proper responsiveness and overall condition.


The tyres are inspected for their legal tread depth of 1.6mm or above and other damages which can prove out to be a safety threat.


The seatbelts are inspected for their proper conditions and locking mechanisms.


Suspension components like struts and shock absorbers are checked for distortion, corrosion, and wear.


The exhaust system is scrutinised for the level of carbon emission and leakages inside the catalytic converter.

Car Diagnosis

Experts at our garage also utilise your car’s on-board computer system to pinpoint any potential issues with the engine, clutch, or transmission system.


Vehicle inspection Reading also involves a thorough examination of your car’s body, chassis, seats, bumper, bonnet, doors, and engine mountings, etc.

Reasons for a malfunctioning car

  • Hitting a kerb or driving through potholes at high speeds
  • Driving a car with inadequately inflated tyres
  • Driving a car with insufficient fluids
  • Improper servicing and maintenance

Symptoms of a malfunctioning car

  • Reduced acceleration and increased braking distances
  • Unusual noises from the engine bay
  • Sudden vibration inside the passenger compartment and steering wheel
  • Bad smells and leakage inside the engine bay

It is recommended to get your vehicle inspected before an MOT test for better results in the test.

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V-Tech Auto is your one-stop solution to avail top-grade vehicle inspection and repairs. Also, feel free to book your car’s inspection through our website. You can also visit us, call us on 0118-950-2888, or email us at info@vtechauto.co.uk to know more about our services. We are here at your service 24x7, from Monday to Sunday.

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