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Are you looking for Wheel Bearing Repair for your vehicle?


Wheel bearings are metallic constructs that are some of the most crucial components of your car’s wheel-and-tyre assembly. They are usually made up of stainless steel, and they connect the axle with the wheels.

Most studies show that a proper set of wheel bearings may last for up to 150,000 miles. However, poor maintenance, bumpy roads, and substandard driving habits may cause these bearings to act up after around 75,000 miles or so.

Once these parts wear out, you will require replacements at a professional garage.

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Types of wheel bearings

  • Ball bearings: Perhaps the most common type, these are found in all sorts of vehicles regardless of their size. These are capable of absorbing radial loads - or the weight that each wheel assembly bears - and thrust loads. The latter is the pressure generated when a car is cornering.
  • Precision ball bearings: These are specifically designed for high-speed vehicles. They can bear rotation speeds far greater than standard ball bearings. Hence, they are common in racing cars and are also a part of an aeroplane’s landing wheels!
  • Tapered roller bearings: This type is common in premium cars and trucks. They come in a conical shape, and they provide safer cornering while cutting down on any grinding likely to happen between the various parts in the car’s underside.

How do wheel bearings get damaged?

  • Low-grade bearings: It is perhaps the most common reason, and you should always opt for a professional wheel bearing repair Reading. We store OE-grade bearings from reputed manufacturers only.
  • Shoddy car modifications: Modifications are very common in these Isles. However, many car ‘mods’ are carried out by untrained technicians. Modification mistakes may include fitting larger or smaller tyres with very low tread depths, extremely stiff shock absorbers which ruin the suspension system and unbranded alloys. Any of these may result in damaged bearings.
  • Faulty installation: At V-Tech Auto, we have seen several instances where wheel bearings get damaged because they were ill-fitted. As professional technicians, we avoid using heavy hammers, impact wrenches and the reuse of ancillary accessories like bolts, C-clips and nuts.

Please note that wheel bearing repair Reading is neither feasible nor possible. The only way out is replacing all damaged parts.

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